Help us make malaria visible

Global and local media coverage before, during and after the Zambezi Expedition will help to raise essential awareness of the fight against malaria in the region. It will highlight the benefits to the Southern Africa Development Community if the malaria burden is significantly reduced.

  • Join the Zambezi Expedition crew during the visits to communities (river or land)
  • Report about the first World Malaria Day, commemorated in Livingstone (Zambia) on 25th April with activities, events, VIP visits
  • Interview the individuals in the fight against malaria: mothers, children, community leaders
  • Interview the partners in the global fight against the disease: decision makers, donors, African and global leaders, high profile champions who dedicate their time to raising awareness about malaria

Potential storylines and footage

  • Geographic isolation
  • Cross-border movement
  • Development arrested by conflict
  • Difficulties in reaching communities crucial to fighting malaria
  • Need for common strategies in malaria control approaches in bordering countries
  • Historical analogue (David Livingstone)

Zambezi source: 29 March
Angola: 31 March - 07 April
Zambia: 08 - 17, 23 - 26 April, 09 - 11 May
Namibia/Botswana: 18 - 22 April
Zimbabwe: 27 April - 08 May
Mozambique: 12 - 31 May


Roll Back Malaria press release on World Malaria Day
Press Release 2008-03-26 English
Press Release 2008-03-26 French

Media Contacts:

Helge Bendl / Andy Leemann
Expedition Leaders
Phone +49 (0) 178 44 890 44
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Hervé Verhoosel
Media & Project Manager Roll Back Malaria Partnership
Phone +41 (0) 22 791 55 18
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If you are not a journalist, please use the contact form provided here.

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